What We Cater To you

Peniel Support Network works very hard to provide the high quality services you desire. Going from personalised and individualised services, we have enlisted the kind of services we provide to you. Contact us either via email or through our telephone contact and we will assist you with our team.

Peniel Support Network

Through quality services, is here to assist you to pursue your goals and maintain your independence.

2020 and Beyond

Focused on providing services that are specific to you and your needs.


We aspire to bring you the best care and support as we collaborate to further to meet your set life goals

Assistance and empowerment to meet goals

Provide guidance, motivation and assistance to meet and maintain goals and individualised targets.

Community nursing care

We provide nursing care to participants acute or chronic health conditions in the community and home settings.

Daily personal activities

Assisting you to promote and/or maintain your independence in participating in all aspects of activies of daily living- personal hygiene, toileting, medication,

Domestic support services

Assisting you in house and yard maintenance

Housing & Accommodation​

We assist you to find the most relevant short or long term housing and improve your dwelling space to become much more relevant and suitable to your needs.​

Participate Community, Social and Civic

Assist participate in finding the activities that they can participate in and enjoy them.​

Support Co-ordination​​

Assisting and connecting you to the most suitable, informal, community and funded supports as you receive the utmost results and process from your plan and goals.​

Travel/Transport Arrangements

Assist with travel arrangements and support participants to access essential services: appointments, shopping, social visiting, holidays​